The Unexpected

Have you heard the saying “life comes at you fast”? Usually that statement refers to some unexpected event or tradegy in ones life. Unfortunately, that is the way life is, unpredictable. The scriptures point out this fact, and warn that we should be prepared for the unexpected. The rich man thought since he had barns full of goods he would just relax, but life came at him fast, and he died. He failed to include God in his plans which was a fatal mistake. The five foolish virgins planned on going to a wedding, but life came at them fast when the bridegroom was delayed. They had not prepared by taking extra oil. Those who were prepared for a delay were taken into the wedding, and the door closed while the foolish were away buying oil.

Life, death, the judgement, are all things the bible says we need to take seriously, because their arrival can, and most likely will, be sudden. If they come at you fast will you be prepared or out buying oil?

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