ECUSA Stokes Fire Again

It’s a gay divorce in the Episcopal Church as the church voted this week to further separate itself from Scripture by endorsing the consecration of homosexuals into “any ordained ministry.” This comes three years after the church passed a moratorium on electing homosexual bishops in a move to placate conservative members, discontented over the 2003 election of openly homosexual Vicky Gene Robinson as bishop of the Diocese of New Hampshire. Apparently, the moratorium was just for show.

It seems what’s really important to the church, as stated by House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson, is “deepen[ing] relationships with the rest of the communion, because real relationships are built on authenticity.” Bishop Stacy Saulswent even further, announcing, “It is time for our church to be liberated from the hypocrisy under which it has been laboring.”

The resolution adopted by the church states, “God has called and may call such [homosexual] individuals, to any ordained ministry” and “God’s call … is a mystery.” Far from mysterious, however, is Scripture’s commands against homosexuality. Beyond the church’s position on homosexuality, at issue is its view of Scripture itself. Either it is the authoritative foundation of doctrine or it is little more than flowery verse, subject to the whims of passion and valuable only when convenient. After all, that’s the way liberals treat the U.S. Constitution.

The above is from The Patriot Post. Although the Episcopal church is itself far from the church we read about in the bible, it knows (at least some in it) what the scriptures teach concerning homosexuality. Nothing could be plainer than both old and new testament teaching on this sin. This article certainly shows the length that homosexuals will go to invade every walk of everyday life, even religiously, by making demands on a group of people who claim to follow the bible.

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