Faith and Family: MTV ‘Reality’

It was bound to happen. With the bright lights of reality shows zooming in on every aspect of human life, it was inevitable that someone would create a show about unwed teen mothers. And who better than MTV, which has catered to teen viewers since its creation in the 1980s.

MTV has a history of risqué programming, from racy music videos to the bisexual dating show “Tila Tequila.” But its new show, “16 and Pregnant,” is no less than a ringing endorsement of a national travesty that robs teens of their youth and contributes to child poverty and neglect.

One of the show’s subjects is a high school student named Maci. The cameras follow Maci as she deals with her child, Bentley, and the baby’s father, Ryan, with whom she has a rocky relationship. Yet according to Maci, things couldn’t be better. She speaks about the fact that her friends are jealous because she and Ryan have gotten their own apartment, and she refers to herself as an “over-achiever” who gets good grades, plays softball and is a cheerleader.

But how long will the good times last? According to the National Center for Health Statistics and the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, 86 percent of unwed mothers are teenagers and 40 percent of teenage unwed mothers never graduate from high school. It’s no wonder, then, that two-thirds of families started by unwed mothers are poor. In fact, the increase in childhood poverty in recent decades is caused almost exclusively by out-of-wedlock births. Think MTV will mention that?  THE PATRIOT POST

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